Jubiläum - 60 Jahre AGEH

Was sagen unsere Fachkräfte?

George Naber und Ingeborg Tiemann arbeiten zusammen am La Salle Beit Hanina, Collège des Frères Jerusalem, Ingeborg Tiemanns Arbeit als Projektkoordinatorin und Ausbilderin wird von Misereor finanziert.

AGEH-Fachkraft Ingeborg Tiemann:
“Time and again I am surprised by the students and the teachers of the schools I work with in the Middle East: The young students impress me by their enthusiasm, creativity and courage, and the teachers are passionate and determined to give their best! Experiencing this, I am less afraid about the future of Palestine.”

Direktor  George Naber:
“To our school having Ms Ingeborg with us reflects on all of us: the students, the teachers, and the administration. Through the Junior Debating Project she brings a strong intercultural note into our school, which is very enriching and much needed.”