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Personnel development cooperation

Dialogue on an equal footing

In many parts of the world, people still have no access to education, clean water or basic medical care. Our aim is to promote a form of personnel development cooperation that counters these challenges by means of intercultural dialogue. We work according to the principle that every person has the intrinsic ability to help him or herself – however, a helping hand from outside can make a world of difference.

Meeting the people in their environment and taking on board their needs and everyday experiences is what forms the basis for our definition of effective personnel development cooperation. This is because constructive interpersonal dialogue can point to new ways to find solutions for problems and challenges. For this process, development workers provide specialist expertise, professional experience and – above all – the ability to shape development processes in joint responsibility with local people.

With their work, development workers make a valuable contribution to other means of development cooperation:

  • By providing ongoing assistance in the technical and institutional structuring of cooperations between development agencies and local project promoters

  • By analysing and improving existing organisational structures

  • By training local personnel and enabling them to obtain further qualifications

  • Or by strengthening the dialogue between European relief organisations and local project organisations.

Every year, AGEH also supplies some 20 percent of its experts to the Civil Peace Service, a programme run by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Here, qualified personnel are supplied to church and other civil-society organisations that make a key contribution towards promoting social peace.