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What we offer applicants

Development cooperation – the challenge you are looking for?

Interpersonal dialogue is the basis for successful development cooperation. This approach allows participants to interact on an equal footing, points to new ways of solving problems and initiates lasting change processes. At the same time, it is a considerable challenge. Specialist knowledge, stamina, experience, curiosity and creativity – these are just a few of the qualities that development workers need for their assignments abroad. Is this the kind of challenge you are looking for?


We offer development workers the opportunity to play a responsible role in a church organisation – or another civil-society, non-profit organisation – in a developing country. Here, the possibilities are wide open, ranging from peace work in Kenya and social work in Sri Lanka to women’s rights activities in Palestine, to name just a few examples. To ensure that you are well equipped for development cooperation work and in a position to put your skills to the best possible use on location, we offer you an individualised personnel programme and provide ongoing support in all phases of your assignment.

What we require from you

As an AGEH development worker, you should have specialist knowledge in one of the following areas and have experience applying it in a professional capacity:

  • Organisational development or management in non-profit projects or organisations

  • Adult education

  • Medicine

  • Rural or urban development

  • Peace and conflict work

  • PR work

  • Emergency and reconstruction aid

As well as this, you should:

  • Be able to envisage working for three years on church development cooperation projects

  • Have a solid command of a foreign language (written and spoken)

  • Have a desire to interact with all kinds of different cultures

  • Be willing to describe Christian values such as solidarity, humanity and mutual respect as part of your motivation.


What we can offer you

As an expert working in the field of development cooperation, you can expect a variety of new tasks and challenges.


As part of the range of courses that we provide in cooperation with Dienste in Übersee gGmbH - Protestant Agency for Diakonie and Development, we can offer you an individualised preparation course tailored to the needs of your new assignment – including many courses that can be taken prior to departure and in the project country itself. In this way, you will be given language instruction and other types of country-specific and specialist training as well as coaching and supervision.


Furthermore, AGEH will pay you standard international remuneration and will provide you and your family with extensive social and security benefits. With individual consulting, we ensure that these needs are taken into account in each phase of your assignment.


A state-recognised personnel service provider, AGEH works together with over 150 organisations. As an AGEH development worker, you can benefit from this worldwide network. This will not only offer you interesting work opportunities all over the world, but will also help you to acclimatise yourself quickly when working abroad.

Why not send us your application?

We would be happy to help you find a position that matches your skills and interests. Please feel free to contact us.


Please send your application together with your CV and letter of motivation by Email to the following address: jobs(at)



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