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About AGEH

Promoting cooperation

For over 50 years, AGEH has been a reliable partner for development workers and a key source of specialist personnel for many church and other civil society organisations active in the field of international development cooperation work. As a state-recognised personnel service provider, we supply qualified Christian-oriented experts from Germany and other EU countries for projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Central or Eastern Europe.
Since being founded by Catholic associations and organisations in 1959, AGEH has supplied over 6,000 experts for development projects.

This gives an indication of the vast experience that we have accumulated in the field of development cooperation personnel – and of the extensive expertise from which organisations and development workers benefit in equal measure. For instance, we provide ongoing support to organisations during the entire personnel recruitment process: from the initial job descriptions and the selection of applicants to the finalisation of contracts and social security arrangements for the development workers and their families. We are also at hand to provide constant assistance to our development workers before, during and after their assignments and offer an extensive range of personnel development courses. Every year, up to 280 AGEH development workers are deployed in 60 countries around the world.

Our project promoters and clients include organisations such as Misereor and Caritas international, religious orders, dioceses and many other church and non-church NGOs.
You can find out more about the aims and objectives of AGEH here.

Focus on people

Our work is based on Christian values. The primary focus of all our work is on people – we see it as our mission to help protect the dignity of human life and to promote the tolerance of different values.

We firmly believe that human suffering can be permanently alleviated through intercultural cooperation. AGEH aims to help as many people as possible to lead an independent, dignified life. This is the key to bringing about effective change, a process that begins by visiting the environment in question and encountering the people and observing their everyday lives.
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